Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

All women of the church are members of WELCA. WELCA meets every other month. A short meeting is followed  by fellowship  and dessert (or occasionally a picnic or out to dinner).

WELCA accepts a collection at each meetingto support Feeding America, The Women’s Center, Harbor House, Room at the Inn, and other goodwillsuch as one time each year making sandwiches for the building crew for Habitat For Humanity. A Christmas Tea is organized yearly for the women of the community and local churches by Bethany WELCA. Church funerals are also supported by help from the WELCA group.

At the end of the year, half of all monies collected are given to the Women of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Synod.  WELCA does not maintain a profit.


The Prayer Shawl group meets every Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon in the Fellowship Hall of the Church. They knit or crochet prayer shawls to be given out to people for happy occasions or sad occasions. They are free and the yarn used comes from donations.

Each shawl is prayed  over with aspecial prayer  before given out.

Anyone is welcome to join in on Wednesday mornings. Everything is supplied! The conversation is good and the coffee and goodies are as well.


The Quilting group meets every Wednesday, from 9 a.m.to 12 noon in the Fellowship Hall of the Church followed by a bag lunch and fellowship. Each year this group completes over 50 quilts. These quilts are sent by train to Minnesota and then to Third World Countries. Some are given to Fire Victims and children baptized in the church.

The material used to make quilts comes from donations from various sources and/or purchased from St. Vinnies as well as used sheets for the backings. No Experience Necessary. Anyone is welcome to join whether you sew or not. The group needs people to cut material into 7 1/2 inch squares, people to sew the squares together and people to sandwich the quilts and tie with yarn.