Mission Statement:   
Emanuel Lutheran Church is a people centered in Christ, rich in heritage and beauty, living out Christ’s openness to all. Our ministry is to spread the Word of God in our community through service, education and fellowship, creating a sense of family as we break bread together in the company of Christ.


Emanuel agrees with Kelly Fryer in claiming 5 Essential Core Beliefs

We are centered in the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Luke 9:18-24)
Everyone is welcome the way they are. (Matthew 9:9-13)
Love changes my neighbor and myself. (1 Peter 2:1-10)
Everyone has a gift to offer. (1 Corinthians 12:1-14)
We need to share with the world what we have (John 1:1-13)

These beliefs are about public witness of our faith in our community!

Sunday Worship begins at 9am (March-June, 2021) at Emanuel Lutheran Church

Video Message for March 7, 2021

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